Rick Dingus
Photographic Works

El Llano Estacado: an Island in the Sky
2004 -2006

artist statement:

The Llano Estacado project spun-off of The Millennial Collection. It was exhibited at the Houston Center for Photography during FotoFest 2006, and copies of the photographs were donated to the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library at Texas Tech University. A grant from the Helen Jones Foundation in Lubbock supported six photographers (Steve Fitch, Miguel Gandert, Tony Gleaton, Peter Brown, Andrew Liccardo, Deborah Luster, and myself) to respond to the High Plains region of the Llano Estacado in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. Inspired by interdisciplinary perspectives and roundtable discussions, I looked for vernacular markers of conflicting tensions and unresolved issues that are present not only on the Llano, but everywhere: Natural Resources, Energy, Changing Technologies, Constructed Realities, and Mythical Histories.


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