Rick Dingus
Photographic Works

Landscapes from Here and There: Dialogic Photographs
2005 - 2007

artist statement:

I traveled in Tasmania, Australia, and throughout the North American Great Plains from West Texas to South Dakota photographing interiors and exteriors, urban and rural locations -- wherever situations pointed to changing attitudes and relations between people and the natural world. The issues of ecology, global warming, and globalization compelled me, and evidence related to time and place, regional and mainstream, or “fringe” vs. “center.” The works examine relationships between seemingly unrelated places by bringing images together, re-circulating them in the environments they came from, and showing them in new places.

To make these photographs, I created a hand-made camera body. It utilized lenses adapted from my old 35mm cameras to record the complete image circle cast by the lens on medium format film. The negatives were scanned and printed digitally to combine old and new technologies. For me, these circular images are like looking through a microscope at collected specimens, or peering through a peephole at an imagined world with shades of weird science, mock documentary, voyeurism, and fantasy.

This work was supported by Texas Tech University, the University of Tasmania, Australia, and Chadron State College in northwestern Nebraska.


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