Rick Dingus
Photographic Works

Regarding Technology
1998 - 2002


Inside the Milagro Cosmic Ray Observatory near Los Alamos, NM, 1998-99 Unmarked Sensors, Los Alamos, NM, 1998-99 Relativity Gyroscope Experiment Lab, Stanford University, CA, 1998-99 Statue of a Water Witcher, Waterville, WA, 1998-99 Tourists at Bonneville Dam, Columbia River, OR, 1998-99 Scheduled for Removal:  Lower Elwa River Dam, WA, 1998-99 Parking Lot at Mt. St. Helens Visitor’s Center, WA, 1998-99 Dam and Viewing Platform, Shoshone Falls, ID (After T. H. O’Sullivan), 1998-99 Fissure Vent with Camera near Reno, NV (After T. H. O’Sullivan), 1998-99 Movie Theater, Mt. St. Helens Visitor Center, WA, 1998-99 Caged Cave Kiva near Los Alamos, NM, 1998-99 Abandoned Dugout of a Supposed Hermit near Twin Falls, ID, 1998-99 Distant View:  Steam Generator, Department of Energy, Hanford, WA, 1998-99 After the Collapse, Crater Lake, OR, 1998-99 Iron Atom Neon, St. Eligius Studio, Lubbock, TX, 2002 Tesla Coil, Lubbock, TX 2000-02 Home Observatory, Glade Park, CO, 2001 UFO Watchtower near Hooper, CO, 2001-02 Visitor Center, Kennecott Copper Mine, Salt Lake City, UT, 2000-02 Listening to Stonehenge (Audio Tour), Wessex, England, 1998-2002 Crop Circle near Silbury Hill, Wessex, England, 1998-2001 Neon Boneyard, Las Vegas, NV, 2002 Native Plants from the Mormon Pioneer Trail, Roof of the LDS Conference Center, Salt Lake City, UT, 2000-2002 Recycled Beetle, Swetsville Zoo, Fort Collins, CO, 1998-99. Log Yard, Port Angeles, WA, 1998-99 Evacuation Drill at Intel, Santa Clara, CA, 1998-99


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