Rick Dingus
Photographic Works

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Here and There...
I traveled in Tasmania, Australia, and throughout the North American Great Plains from West Texas to South Dakota photographing interiors and exteriors, urban and rural locations -- wherever situations pointed to changing attitudes and relations between people and ...  (read more)
El Llano Estacado...
The Llano Estacado project spun-off of The Millennial Collection. It was exhibited at the Houston Center for Photography during FotoFest 2006, and copies of the photographs were donated to the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library at Texas Tech ...  (read more)
Regarding Technology
The problematic nature of photography is not unrelated to the problematic character of science and technology. So the questions of credibility, reliability, and objectivity that vex any informed approach to photographs arise also in our relations to science and technology. We marvel at...  (read more)
Cultural Landscape Panoramas
These color photo-drawings record leftover evidence of human activity and processes of nature. Panoramic cameras were used to achieve wide angled perspectives that broaden the context beyond a "normal" field of view. They question the veracity of photography ...  (read more)
Cultural Landscapes
These color photo-drawings record leftover evidence of human activity and processes of nature. They question the veracity of photography and explore its potential for mixed media. The details recorded pose questions about time, place, culture and nature.
Navajo Places
Working under the direction of Will Tsotsie and Annie Kahn, I photographed natural landmarks throughout the Navajo Nation. These points of interest, seen near the road by anyone who passes, indicate many overlapping worldviews: traditional, contemporary...  (read more)
Changing Places...
After photographing petroglyph and pictograph sites throughout the American Southwest, I became interested in the parallels between Native American and East Indian beliefs, practices, myths and rituals. I received a grant from Art Matters, Inc., in New York...  (read more)