Rick Dingus
Photographic Works

Set 1  /  Set 2
This work was done as part of a group project that created a photographic record of sacred rock art for the Navajos in their "Place of Emergence." Our work was exhibited on and off of the Navajo Nation and was archived at Navajo Community College in Tsaile, AZ.  (read more)
Native Situations
Because of our shared interest in Rock Art, Magnum photographer Dan Budnik invited me to join him in Arizona to visit rock art sites. While there, we met with Navajo and Hopi elders to discuss the proposed Relocation of Navajos from Big Mountain.
Marks in Place...
Marks in Place presented an opportunity to explore different but related kinds of places in the American West. The project examined petroglyph and pictographs sites in North America, places in the landscape that contained physical responses on the rocks left by indigenous ...   (read more)
Rephotographic Survey Project
Repeat photographs were carefully made of sites originally photographed by nineteenth century expeditionary photographers in the American West. Widely exhibited ever since, the RSP has generated several publications: I authored a book about TH O'Sullivan, The Photographic ...  (read more)
Mural B/W Photo-Drawings
These are a series of large-scale black and white photo-drawings that record leftover evidence of human activity and processes of nature. They question the veracity of photography and explore its potential for mixed media. I drewdirectly on the surface of the photographs with silver ...   (read more)
B/W Photo-Drawings
These are from an early series of black and white photo-drawings of "landscapes" that posed questions about time, place, culture, and nature. I drew directly on the surface of the photographs with silver colored pencil and graphite. The surface invited viewers to participate...   (read more)